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Choisissez une activité unique et originale


How many people can we Receive ?

We can receive from 3 to 80 persons.

20 persons can play at the same time, in 4 different rooms, and up to 40 persons thanks to teams rotation.

In the city, our escape game doesn’t have limits! 🙂

What are our advantages ?

Our Mayan romm is double : 1 story with 2 identical rooms.

Each team can be challenged by another one to succeed in escaping the room as quickly as possible.

10 persons play the same game at the same time and compare their experiences at the end.


In the city everyone plays the same game at the same time.


HOw does a game session go at mytery games ?

A session last 1h30 with 15 minutes of briefing, 1 hour of game and 15 minutes of sharing about the experience.

Exemple for a game at 12:00:
– 12:00 : arrival of the players, team making, and briefing
– 12h12: the game start… wait no, bathroom break!
– 12:15 : game starts, we lock up the team, pressure increases
– 12:15 to 13:15 : we supervise the teams, they have 1h to get out 🙂
– 13:15 MAX : end of the game, debriefing and team pictures
– 13:30 : the entire team smiles, it’s the of the activity, we can leave happy.



You have a large group ?

More than 20 persons ? We advise you to play in the city… ADVENTURE CITY

An experience that enable everyone to play at the same time and to share the same experience, the same story…

A true moment of cohesion.



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Your team of 3 to 5 people is locked in a room with a specific theme. One hour to search the room, find enigmas, find clues and associate all the elements to resolve enigmas and maybe: GET OUT and WIN!


As a team you go out in the city equipped with a tablet and a bag. In the allocated time, you will have to go to precise geolocalised points to resolve enigmas in virtual reality. This experience allows you to discover the city while having fun. The challenge is to succeed with the best score.