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New ROOM : Springfield's Family

On the other side of the screen, a mystery is waiting for you to come !

You can live one of this family’s adventure in the middle of iconic decors.

You only have 1 hour…

Difficulty : 6/10

Manipulation : 8/10

 Reflexion : 6/10

First Time in France


New ROOM : Prisoners

Your whole group is missing … The last thing known is you were going to an escape game.

The good point is : it just happened…

Locked in a cellar, you have no option but to find the exit !

One hour to flee and maybe escape your gaoler.

Difficulty : 9/10 

Manipulation : 8/10 

Réflexion : We count on you


Not recommended for children under 14 years old.


An original story from Mystery Games




Now that you have mastered VR, it is time to go for the Wonderland. 

From 2 to 5 Team members at the same time, you will have to repair the clock of time.

But be careful, you’re still into the Queen’s realm.

Difficulty : 6/10

Manipulation : You’ll see by yourself 😉

Reflexion : 6/10



You are a billion kilometers away from you planet… on board of the spatial station EDEN.

On the enigmas level, this is not a difficult game, but something accessible in order to get used to the Virtual Reality. Equipped with headset, you and the members of your team will have to use your new powers and move in zero-gravity on board of a station where attention, communication and team spirit will be essential. 

Be careful… your lifetime on board lasts 60 minutes. This is the exact time you will have to prepare your return on Earth.

More than a mission, a true IMMERSION.

Difficulty : 6/10

Immersion : 8/10

Reflexion : 5/10

VR GAME: Zombies

As a team, come face to face with hordes of Zombies and other creatures.
Using your bow with arrows act quickly and be accurate.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to kill humans. They can bring you some weapons or energy.

1/2 hour combat in ACTION COOPERATION mode.

It’s up to you. Let’s go !!

For the start of this new game the second half hour is half price.

Fight : 10/10

Reflexion : 0/10

Team Work : 10/10 or 0/10 It’s up to you!


In the early 20th century, a young and wealthy heir Marie de Meauconduits lived in the De Meauconduit’s Manor. She mysteriously disappeared, with no clue left to explain the reason of her disappearance.

However, strange things happen and it seems like Marie’s spirit is still here, prisoner of the room.

Your mission will be to lead your own investigation in this odd room to try to free her spirit. If you free her soul, she will give you back your liberty.

You have 60 minutes!


!!! Attention, last dates !!! The game will be definitively closed on the evening of 29/03.


This escape room will no longer be available, hurry up and book before it’s too late !

Difficulty : 8/10 But we can help you

Manipulation : 6/10

Reflexion : 8/10



Trolls and monsters invaded our homes.

Use your common sense, your eyes and your logic to gather enough crystals and seal the magic portal before it’s too late!  !

A playful journey in the best places in the city.

Difficulty : 6/10

Manipulation : 6/10

Reflexion : 6/10


We are recruiting !

The Spider Tech, a criminal organization has secretly begun researches on the MK Ultra virus and is about to apply its plan…

With our special agent, attempt to find clues in the streets of Aix en Provence. You only have 1h30 to avoid the virus start-up.

Difficulty : 8/10

Manipulation : 8/10

Reflexion : 8/10


Mystery Games is a new form of entertainment. You’ll gather all your ideas together and experienced the power of collective intelligence to resolve enigmas and discover mysteries. Sixty minutes of fun.

Privatise our local for your:
• Birthday
• Bachelor party
• Bachelorette party
• or any other occasion (Valentine’s day, Easter, Mother and Father Day, Halloween,…)

For bigger groups contact us at 04 86 31 95 50.