Book a game in Aix-en-Provence

GENERAL INFORMATIONS : All team members must arrive on time. This is really important because you will receive instructions before the game starts. We don’t want you to miss any precious minute of your session. 

ATTENTION ! Every delay of more than 10 minutes after the time of the reservation will lead to the cancellation of the reservation without refund.

Where to meet us : 20 Rue Victor Leydet – 13100 – Aix-en-Provence

Zombies VR: Action Coopération


  • 18€ / Player 18 € for the first 30 minutes
  • studient 16€ / player for the first 30 minutes
  • 50% reduction on the second half hour (to validate for the right number of players)

Starting at 8 years old children can play the game.                                                   

There must be an adult per room.
* Company prices, contact us


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