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Mystery Games is a company seeking to make you step out of your everyday life !

With 230m² in the center of Aix En Provence, we surely have an activity for for you.


First Escape Room of the region (opening in May 2015) we have buisiness expertise and we know how to do TEAM Building.

Your team of 3 to 5 people is locked in a room with a specific theme. One hour to search the room, find enigmas, find clues and associate all the elements to resolve enigmas and maybe: GET OUT and WIN!

Up to 4 teams at the same time for a shared challenge.

NEW : discover our ESCAPE VR in Virtual Reality with professional equipment

Up to 4 teams locked up in the same location



Opening of the 1st ESCAPE GAME in the South Region / PACA. Instead of locking you up, we make you explore the city of Aix en Provence or its surroundings (consult us). A combination of technology (augmented reality), history (observation of the city and its monuments) and challenge of more than 15 teams playing at the same time.

As a team you go out in the city equipped with a tablet and a bag. In the allocated time, you will have to go to precise geolocalised points to resolve enigmas in virtual reality. This experience allows you to discover the city while having fun. The challenge is to succeed with the best score.

Ideal for large groups! Up to 200 people!

For more consult us!



Our games are made for teams of 2 to 5 people. But we can plan for several teams at the same time :).


Concerning our games in rooms, our Mayan story is duplicate so we can allow groups of 6 to 10 to play at the same time on the same story and to challenge the other team. Who will get out first ? But most importantly who will get out ?

For groups of more than 40 people we advice the game in the city. Advantage : everyone play the game at the same time on the same challenge, the challenge is on high score mode.

Our rooms start at 10 years old. For teenagers who are under 16 we advice the presence of the parents in the room. Our oldest client is 89 years old!

Between friends, family, don’t hesitate to mix up generations.


With the VR (Vitual Reality) children of 8 years old and their family will discover an amazing experience.



In the early 20th century, a young and wealthy heir Marie de Meauconduits lived in the De Meauconduits’ Manor. She mysteiously disappeared, and there is no clue left to explain the reason of her disappaerance.

However, strange things happen and it seems like Marie’s spirit is still here, prisoner of the room.

Your mission will be to lead your own investigation in this odd room to try to free her spirit. If you free her soul, she will give you back your liberty.

You have 60 minutes!


Do you remember the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world ? Today is the last day of the world as you know it.

Only a few days ago, astronomers have discovered that an asteroid was on his way to hit Earth. The probability of colliding with our planet in the next 60 minutes is about 99,998 percent, the humanity won’t survive such an impact. At the same time, somewhere in the Yucatan Jungle, the Professor Harisson, specialist of the Mayas, found a temple. This temple seems to hide to the solution to avoid the destruction of the world. The temple have stayed intact for many centuries, but what’s its secret ? Unfortunately we can’t reach the Professor anymore. You are the team of experts who will have to go to the temple et find out how to avoid the end of the wolrd…

Is there still hope for humanity ? You have 60 minutes to save the world…


You are a billion kilometers away from you planet… on board of the spatial station EDEN.

On the enigmas level, this is not a difficult game, but something accessible to make you the VR and familiarise you with it. Equipped with headset, you and the members of your team will have to use your new powers and move in zero-gravity on board of a station where attention, communication and team spirit will be essential. 

Be careful… your lifetim on board of the ship is of 60 minutes. This is the exact time you will have to to prepare your return on Eartg.

More than a mission, a true IMMERSION.


Now that you have mastered VR, it is time to go for the wonderland.

In team of a 5 maximum, you will have to repair the clock of time. 

But be careful, the Queen watches her land.



With your  team, come face to face with hordes of Zombies and other creatures.
Using your bow with arrows be responsive and accurate.

Of course, it is not necessary to kill humans who can bring you some weapons or vitamins.

1/2 hour combat in ACTION COOPERATION mode.

It’s up to you. let’s go !!

For the start of this new game the second half hour is half price.




Trolls and other monsters have invade our homes.

Use your common sense, your eyes and your logic to gather enough crystals and act on the magic portal before it’s too late!  !

A playful journey in the best places in the city.


We are recruiting !

The Spider Tech criminal organization has secretly begun researches on MK ultra virus and is about to apply its plan…

Join us !

Within our special agency, attempt to find clues in the downtown to avoid the virus start-up.



For your team building, team cohesion, we propose divers solutions.

Our concept makes your employees come closer together, creates dynamism and bond between them.

One goal: get out of a room within an hour, the members of your team will have to communicate, to organise, to interract with each other to succeed in our challenges.

An experince for all minds, with no sport aspect but an intense challenge.


“Nous y sommes allés dans le cadre du boulot: activité en équipes constituées que de commerciaux Danone.
Les équipes se sont régalées, l’accueil était très bon et les animations pour faire patienter les équipes qui n’étaient pas enfermées ont aussi été très appréciées. Je recommande!!!!”


“Toute l’équipe de la Direction Client Territoire GrDF, tenait à vous remercier pour vos deux prestation apportées en fin d’année 2014 lors de nos séminaires. Comme prévu, votre intervention a créé la surprise et a été très appréciée de nos collaborateurs.
Votre animation a apporté du divertissement à une réunion éprouvante, aussi tombez-vous à point nommé et votre intervention a été je pense, au vu des réactions, largement appréciée! Votre équipe est très professionnel, agréable et énergique. Nous avons eu un grand plaisir à travailler avec vous. Vous vous êtes rendu disponible et tout s’est merveilleusement bien passé. Nous espérons faire de nouveau appel à vous et ce très prochainement.”

Quentin – Communication Ile-de-France – GrDF


20 Rue Victor Leydet, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

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